Teeth Whitening Shade Guide

This tooth shade guide is a common tool used in the dentistry world to determine the colour of one’s teeth and which colour they can aim for.

People’s tooth colour normally falls into one of four shades: 

A (reddish brown)

B (reddish yellow)

C (grey)

D (reddish grey) 

teeth shade guide

Each shade has a different level of darkness which allows you to determine your which colour and how white you would like them to be.

The level of whiteness depends on the person, as some people want the whitest possible whereas others may want a more natural white look. Final whitening results also depend on your natural teeth colour, how stubborn any stains are and the whitening process or product you choose.​

A change of just 2 or 3 shades can make a dramatic difference in someone’s tooth colour. Even though Crest Whitestrips whiten to up to 10 shades, people notice a difference after only 2 shades.

Use the above guide as a simpler way of finding out what shade your teeth are. This way you can estimate how white they will be after using a course of Crest Whitening Strips.